Cultivating Resilience

Let’s face it; life can hit us with some hard things. Job loss, illness,

divorce, natural disasters, and death are a few examples of life's

challenges . We as humans face many difficulties that can and will alter

how we navigate our day to day lives. Most of us recover as best as we

can and return to normalcy as time allows. However, sometimes,

traumatic events occur that knocks the wind out of our ability to deal

with the day to day. This can leave us feeling lost and unable to cope.

After all, it’s not like life gave us a step by step plan on how to deal with

most of its hurdles. Timothy and I have been doing our best to stay abreast of all

that is occurring as concerned citizens as well as healers. Upon seeing all

that it is occurring we decided to put together a program for those who

were feeling overwhelmed with it all.

Cultivating Resilience  (1).png

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