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Leadership Institute for Transformation & Empowerment

Where the soul unfolds & darkness shines.


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Section Title

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“One cannot achieve greatness unless they have a willing spirit & heart.” - L.I.T.E.

Leadership Institute for Transformation & Empowerment (L.I.T.E) is a spiritual community without any religious affiliations. Our community is dedicated to creating leaders who exhibit unconditional love, peace, and unity, regardless of one's race, gender, or age. We do not carry the belief that truth can be explained or defined by any one religion or organization,but that truth is revealed to each individual through serious Self-Contemplation and Inner Discovery. L.I.T.E.'s purpose is to reach beyond the wall of religion and politics to embrace a new reality. A reality which can change the course of destructive behavior of mankind and reveal 

the unlimited wisdom that God has invested in every being.

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Timothy & Jiquay Glenn co-founded L.I.T.E. as a spiritual center for higher learning and thought processes. They train people to find their very own path to enlightenment and God. Through teachings and practical application you will learn to BE the person that you were created to be. We are not another religious organization designed to teach you to mimic other people’s experiences or live with a victim mentality all the while judging others for being free to do the things you want to do. Rather we teach proven universal principles designed to help you develop your own personal experiences.


Life Coaching

Sometimes we need an accountability partner to help us reach the goals we set for ourselves & remove blocks to our growth.  At L.I.T.E. we seek to empower people to live a life that is in alignment with their highest good.  You can begin your journey by booking a session with us & getting the ball rolling to being the best version of yourself.