Subcriptions/Payment Plans

  • The Awakened Magites

    Every month
    Private Group for Personal Growth
    • Early Access to Extended Cosmic Weather Reports
    • Live Q&A Once a Month
    • Weekly updates for each sign.
    • 2 – 3 Live videos per week on Major Cosmic Weather
    • Wisdom on How to Navigate Cosmic Weather
    • Coaching Teasers for each Sun Sign
    • Exclusive Freebies, specials & flash sales for members only
    • Live Special Guest Teacher Appearances
    • Weekly Morning Meditations
    • Specialized Book & Crystal Recommendations
    • + More to enhance your Spiritual Practice
  • Cultivate Resilience

    Every month
    Payment Plan for Cultivating Resilience Course
    Valid for 3 months
    • This package includes 6, 1 hour sessions
    • Affordable option for Cultivating Resilience course
    • A program for those who are feeling overwhelmed with it all
    • Help with the hard things life can hit us with.